Friday, January 14, 2011

"Savor the Moment" by Nora Roberts

"The Bridal Quartet" series continues with book three, "Savor the Moment"

Laurel McBane did not grow up privileged like her friends, but she has worked hard to be where she is today; as a partner and master pastry chef and baker extraordinaire for Vows.  While Laurel has come off up to this point as pretty standoffish and not tolerant of others, we see her softer side come to light as Nora Roberts tells her story.

Growing up with Parker Brown for a best friend was easy, hiding her love for Parker's brother Delaney was suddenly very difficult.  While Del has always considered the Quartet to be his family, his responsibility, he has no idea what to do when Laurel, in a fit of rage, kisses his senseless.  After giving Jack such a hard time about dating Emma back in book two, Del is unsure how to go about having a relationship with Laurel without breaking their friendship or upsetting the balance with their friends.

Laurel has a lot of insecurities and the fact that she comes from a lowly background and is now dating one of the wealthiest men in Connecticut has her unable to ignore the whispers behind her back or the finger pointing.  In one particularly ugly scene with Mac's mom, everything that Laurel ever feared and doubted comes to life.  Unfortunately, she is so afraid to lose what she has with Del, what she has wanted for so long, that she is willing to keep her fears and her true feelings bottled up inside.

While I like Del, I felt that Nora Roberts was brutally accurate in how a man might be in a relationship with a woman he's know forever but only recently started being romantically involved with; he is slightly neglectful.  For a man with impeccable manners, he seems to take Laurel for granted at times and while it makes him more human, more real (for lack of a better word), it just takes a little of the shine off of his armor.

In the end, Del forces Laurel to admit to her feelings and their story has a lovely ending.  "Savor the Moment" is a great entry in to this series but I am positively giddy about Parker's story in the final book in the installment!

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