Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Remember Me" by Laura Moore

I actually read this one after reading the sequel to it but even reading them out of order was fine because their stories are so amazing.

"Remember Me" is book one in The Rosewood Trilogy.  This story opens up with Margot Radcliffe clashing with her father and stepmother and then attempting to seduce the man of her dreams.  Hurt by all three, she flees her beautiful horse farm in Virginia and end up in New York where she becomes a top fashion model.

We skip forward eight years where tragedy forces Margot to return home and take on the life that she never really wanted and has to face the man that she never forgot.  With the horse farm facing ruin, Margot has to learn to balance the business of saving her family's heritage with her modeling career.

Travis Maher never thought he'd live to see Margot back at Rosewood just like he never thought he'd have the chance to redeem himself for turning her down all those years ago.  When fate lends a hand and offers him a glimpse of everything that he always wanted, Travis finds that the path to happily ever after isn't a smooth one and that images of Margot and belief in who she is in his mind aren't as they seem.

This was a great story.  There was a little too much talk of horses for my liking but it helped to give you a full understanding of their lives.  Laura Moore is a wonderful writer but you can tell that she is an equestrian at heart!  "Remember Me" is a great introduction in to the Radcliffe family and book two will focus on middle sister Jordan and the final chapter will be younger sister Jade.

Whether you like horse stories with a little bit of romance or a romance with a little bit of life on a horse farm, "Remember Me" delivers.

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