Saturday, December 8, 2012

Under the Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis

There's no place like home for the holidays. And the Lucky Harbor Bed & Breakfast is bursting with festive lights and good cheer. But for Mia, Christmas is turning out to be anything other than merry and bright. Her recent break-up with her boyfriend Nick has made her return bittersweet. But then a surprise arrives, when Nick follows her to town bearing gifts-and asking for forgiveness.

Nick grew up without a family of his own so he's overwhelmed by the love that Mia receives from all her relatives, gathered together to celebrate the season. Under their watchful eyes, Nick finds earning back her trust the hardest thing he's ever had to do. If he succeeds, he will receive the greatest gift of all, Mia's love for a lifetime.
“Under the Mistletoe” by Jill Shalvis is a sweet little holiday novella for those of us who were hungry for some interaction with our friends in Lucky Harbor.  This was a great way to catch up with some of our favorite residents as well as get to know Mia a little bit better. 

With her three sisters all settling into their lives in Lucky Harbor, Mia is a little like the outsider, even more so now that she’s broken up with Nick.  But her alone time with her family is cut short by Nick’s arrival.  Watching Nick come to grips with her close-knit family as well as Mia’s first love and ex-boyfriend makes for some entertaining reading.

While this was a great story, I guess my issue is that it was so short and at times felt a little rushed.  I don’t think this was something that could have supported a full-length novel, it certainly had the potential to be a longer, more satisfying novella.  At 14,000 words, it could have easily been stretched to 20,000 words and been a better story.

Overall, it was a great holiday story because Jill Shalvis is so good at what she does.  It’s not something I was happy to spend $1.99 on; it should have been offered as a .99 cent download.  Just a way for the publishers to get more money because they can.

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