Friday, March 1, 2013

"Ever After" by Samantha Chase

"She walked away from her fairytale wedding in search of her true happily ever after.

She hadn't counted on it coming searching for her first.

Eight months after canceling her wedding, Ava Callahan finally has her life in order and sees nothing but blue skies ahead. A chance encounter with the man responsible for ruining her wedding has her newly organized world in chaos.

Brian McCabe had persevered for eight long months seeking the woman he loves and his patience was about to expire. Purposely putting himself in every path Ava was on might not always work to his advantage, but he wanted to make sure that she truly saw him for who he was.

Her happily ever after..."

"Ever After" is the follow up to Samantha Chase's best seller, "The Christmas Cottage".  Picking up where "The Christmas Cottage" left off (well, maybe 8 months later) we now get to read Ava's story.  Ava was the best friend in the previous book - a modern day Bridezilla who had some pretty definite ideas on how she wanted her fairytale wedding to be.  There were was wild!

Now, eight months later, she is planning her future but the reappearance of sexy Brian McCabe into her life has her feeling confused.  After all, it isn't every day a man proclaims that he loves you and then disappears for almost a year!  Feeling like it would be wrong to get involved with him, Ava does her best to discourage Brian but the man is suddenly persistent!

Ava was a high-maintenance woman in "The Christmas Cottage" and was a little more than over the top, Samantha Chase stays true to that character and has Ava still a little hard to handle.  While some were seemingly put off by her character, if you had read the first book, you knew that this was clearly her personality.  And Brian?  He is just yummy.

A great, light romantic novella; perfect for a weekend read.  "Ever After" is currently available exclusively through Amazon on Kindle for only .99 cents!  Enjoy!  

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