Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"In the Eye of the Storm" by Samantha Chase

At two a.m. in the middle of a storm, Holly Abrams quit her job...

This contemporary romance by indie author Samantha Chase had me turning the pages and completely engrossed in the story.  "In the Eye of the Storm" is the story of a workaholic CEO who finally sees the light in the middle of a tropical storm when he's trapped inside his home with his assistant.  

Stephen Ballinger doesn't like to be inconvenienced and when Holly announces that she's quitting, he does everything in his power to convince her to stay.  The only problem is that now that they have finally cleared the air about their work relationship, Stephen finally notices Holly in a whole new way and he' s not sure that it's only a work relationship that he wants.

Typical to contemporary romances, Holly has, of course, harbored a secret crush on her boss and once the opportunity to have this secret weekend presents itself, she is right on board and to hell with the consequences.  But at the end of the weekend, there is more than storm debris to work their way through.

This is another category-length novel that would fit in perfectly with the Harlequin Desire line and interestingly enough, it was a finalist in their Editor's Pitch Challenge.  Though Harlequin passed on their chance to publish it, Samantha Chase took the indie route and self published.  Available for only .99 cents on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, "In the Eye of the Storm" is a sexy, steamy read that fans of Ms. Chase will no doubt enjoy!

Indie Authors #58 Samantha Chase Write and Sell Romance

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Trust in Me (Montgomery Brothers Book 2) by Samantha Chase

All work and no play…
…would make Jason Montgomery a very happy man. Ever since his brother had married a woman who worked for their company, Jason has been walking around fending off the unwanted advances of all of the single women in his employ. Now, with a make or break business expansion in the works, the last thing he needs is a hands-on assistant who wants to get her hands on him!

For three years Maggie Barrett has happily hid in the shadows of Montgomery’s. After dealing with her own unwanted advances from her previous employer, staying under the radar was working just fine for her. But now she’s thrown into the spotlight as Jason’s assistant because he believes her to be a safe choice because she’s married.

The only problem?

She’s not.
Working in close proximity wasn’t supposed to be an issue. The lines of their relationship were clearly defined. But when a mutual respect turns into a mutual attraction how will Maggie explain that the only thing holding Jason back was just a little white lie?

"Trust in Me" is book number two in Samantha Chase's The Montgomery Brothers series.  This one focuses on middle brother Jason and quest to keep his personal life and his professional life separate.  A task that is complicated simply because his younger brother Lucas (from book one's "Wait for Me") recently married his assistant.  Now it seems that all of the single ladies that come to work for Montgomery's are looking at Jason as potential husband material.

I loved the opening of this book where Jason is trying to describe his criteria for a new assistant.  We never see the other women chasing him but he summarizes it in this scene and it leaves you with a vivid enough picture of what the poor guy's been going through.

His father, the lovable matchmaker who did wonders for Lucas and Emma, offers Jason the solution in the form of the very capable Maggie.  The do not hit it off in the beginning but once they start spending some time together, the attraction that they feel for one another offers up some interesting situations.

There's great dialogue and even greater attraction between these two that builds as the story goes and all in all it made for a great read.  I loved the family interaction and for only .99 cents on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Smashwords, you can't go wrong.

Looking forward to seeing where the third brother Mac is going to find his true love!

Monday, May 6, 2013

"Wait for Me" by Samantha Chase

The newest release by Indie Author Samantha Chase was released today.  "Wait for Me" is book one in the Montgomery Brothers series and all I can say is that I cannot WAIT to meet the rest of the family!

Lucas Montgomery is a former NFL quarterback living in virtual solitude due to a career-ending knee injury.  His family has waited patiently for him to overcome his depression and disappointment and his father has become particularly determined to draw him out.

Emma Taylor has worked for the Montgomery's for several years and has harbored a crush on Lucas all that time.  While she thought that she had kept her secret crush a secret, her boss is on to her!  He seems to think that Emma is the key to drawing Lucas out of his self-imposed exile and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring these two together.

This is a great read with lots of wonderful dialogue and two main characters that really have you feeling like you not only know them but that you actually LIKE them!  Sometimes that's hard to find in a book.  Lucas is certainly surly and difficult but he's dealing with a major life-altering event.  Emma is very down to Earth and seemingly brings some balance back into Lucas' life.

"Wait for Me" is available on both Kindle and Nook and is only .99 cents!  Don't miss out on this great contemporary romance!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It Had to be You by Jill Shalvis

Ali Winters is not having a good day. Her boyfriend left her, everyone in town thinks she's a thief, and now she's about to be kicked out of her home. Her only shot at keeping a roof over her head and clearing her name is to beg for help from a police detective who's as sexy as he is stern....

After a high-profile case goes wrong, Luke Hanover returns to his hometown for some peace and quiet. Instead he finds a bombshell brunette in a heap of trouble. As he helps Ali put her world back together, the pieces of Luke's own life finally seem to fall into place. Is this the start of a sizzling fling? Or are Luke and Ali on the brink of something big in a little town called Lucky Harbor?

I am not going to lie to you, you know my love of all-things-Jill-Shalvis but I had a really hard time getting into this book!  "It Had to be You" is the latest book available in the Lucky Harbor series and I had great expectations for it.  The problem?  There was just too much BAD stuff that was happening to the main character, Ali, in the very beginning of the book and it was so much that it became uncomfortable to even read.

But I persevered and I'm glad that I did!

"It Had to be You" turned into a fabulous story of two people who are both going through some serious life changing issues - and not of the good variety - but that are at heart, really good people.  While they fight their attraction to one another you know that they are going to end up together.

This story had a lot going on and once you got through those first few chapters, everything flowed at a much more reasonable pace.  A great read and something that I would definitely go back to and read again. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Video Trailer for "Catering to the CEO"

This is the fourth book by Indie author Samantha Chase and it's a bit more racy than her previous books - "The Christmas Cottage" and "Ever After".  But hey, we contemporary romance readers LOVE the racy, right?

Get your copy of "Catering to the CEO" on Amazon.  Click HERE.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Catering to the CEO by Samantha Chase

"Jaded CEO Adam Lawrence knew how to get what he wanted in the boardroom and the bedroom.  When independent, sexy and impossible to ignore Cassie Jacobs bests him on a business deal, Adam vows revenge.  But how far can he go when the two find out they are about to become family?"

LOVED this book.  "Catering to the CEO" by Samantha Chase was written in the style of Harlequin Desire there is an amazing tension between Adam and Cassie that is just jumping off of the page.  Going from business colleagues to enemies to lovers...their journey is turbulent and steamy.  What I enjoyed most about this book was that they each had some very powerful insecurities but were willing to take a bit of a risk with each other.

From the first page to the last, this was a roller coaster ride with a typical alpha male that had you hating him one minute and then sighing the next.  Cassie is a very relatable girl-next-door that you just want to see things work out for.

This book is currently available exclusively for Kindle for $1.99 and is totally worth the investment.  Indie author Samantha Chase is definitely an up and coming and someone to keep watching.  I think we're going to see some big stuff from her in 2013!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kitchen Affairs - The Riverside Trilogy by Brooke Cumberland

Drake Staglinao is from a wealthy empire family who owns Riverside Hotel & Restaurant in downtown Chicago. He's attractive, charming, witty, and will do whatever it takes to get the one he wants, Molly Woods.

Molly, a chef intern at his five-star restaurant, shows no interest in dating Drake, or dating at all for that matter since the death of her fiancé four years earlier. After several attempts, Drake goes to extreme measures to get some alone time with Molly, knowing that he just needs a few hours for her to realize their intense chemistry is too hot to ignore. Drake finds out why Molly is reserved and guarded - but that doesn't stop him from getting who he wants.

Molly and Drake need to keep their relationship private, but when a surveillance video goes viral of the two of them, they must overcome obstacles that most relationships don't have to endure. 

Molly needs to let go of her past in order to let Drake in... but how far can she go without cracking? 

I thought this would be a good, steamy read and while there was definitely steam, the characters were absolutely horrible! Basically you have an egotistical hero who is essentially sexually harassing someone who works for him, THEN steals her wallet and then does nothing but have sex with her. 

Then you have our heroine who you believe to be a grieving widow-esque person who is a single mom to a four year old and within days of meeting Drake, she's sleeping with him all over the place. I was appalled by her behavior and her lack of ethics where her child was concerned. There was no dimension to these characters;  neither was likable at all. Could hardly finish it with all of the random secondary plotlines did nothing to enhance the story because they were never fully explained or fleshed out.

It was basically a book that should have ended much sooner than it did.  Just because something has a higher word count does not mean that those words enhance the story at all.  That was completely the case here.  This story just went on and on and on and on until I thought I would scream.  The only reason I actually finished the book was because I kept hoping it would get better.  Not worth it the $2.99 price for the eBook. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Continental Breakfast by Ella Dominquez

Bella Darcy is personal assistant, muse and plaything to wealthy businessman Mr. Pettifor. Their 9-5 relationship is unconventional, but mutually satisfying.
Mr. Pettifor is alpha male personified - demanding, stern, insatiable, emotionally closed-off and seemingly indifferent to anything that doesn't involve six zeros behind it.
Bella had never wanted more until the day she heard passionate cries that didn't belong to her, coming from his office. 

Deeply hurt and realizing that she cannot be with a man who can so blatantly be with another woman while she is mere feet away, Bella turns in her letter of resignation, throwing Mr. Pettifor into a tailspin. Everything he's worked so hard for now seems insignificant and the woman whom he trained to be everything he wanted, has now decided to move on, leaving him reeling.

This 16,000 word erotic novella was both interesting and annoying.  Ella Dominquez's writing style was a little hard for me to get on board with because she doesn't write how most of us speak.  Their vocabulary was very formal and it came across as being stiff at times.

I'm not one who has jumped on the Fifty Shades train but this novella had just the right amount of everything to make it steamy and sexy and an excellent page turner. Very enjoyable!  Definitely worth your .99 cents to get it on Kindle.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Video Trailer for Ever After by Samantha Chase

This is the video trailer for Samantha Chase's latest novella, "Ever After".  Check it out exclusively on Kindle for only .99 cents!