Thursday, April 7, 2011

"My One and Only" by Kristan HIggins

The latest release from Kristan Higgins is "My One and Only".  This was actually the FIRST book of hers that I read and then went back and read some of her previous work because I loved this one so much.

The author has the ability to make you laugh out loud one minute while you are reading and then sob the next.  A great talent, that is.  So this story focuses on Harper James, an attorney who has to go to her sister's third wedding half way across the country where she runs in to her ex-husband Nick.  It's not such a coincidence since the bride is marrying Nick's younger brother.  Small world and all that. But Harper was just on the verge of getting engaged to a much younger (and dumber) man herself and although she's not happy with his response to the thought of marrying her, she brings him to the wedding as a way of showing that she's okay with seeing Nick again.

Due to some pretty weird circumstances, Harper has to accept a ride home (Colorado to New York, essentially) from Nick and they end up taking the road trip that they had always talked about when they were married.  Being forced to be together has them talking about things that had been left unsaid for too long and realizing that the break up of their marriage was essentially not a one-way street.  It was really heart-wrenching at times to read.

As their trip goes on and they head closer to home, Nick confesses that he's never stopped loving Harper.  Having become a cynic because of her failed marriage, Harper has to decide if she is willing to try again.  This decision is made more difficult because her chosen legal field is divorce!  While it is just the two of them, things are perfect, but once back in the real world, away from their "out-of-time" road trip, the realities of their lives interfere in a big way and they both have to make sacrifices if they are going to commit to each other one more time.  The bumbling boyfriend offers some comic relief throughout and you want to smack him sometimes just because he's so stupid and clueless but he's lovable, nonetheless.

I liked Harper a LOT but she has some catch phrases that I could have used a little less of throughout the story.  I mean, we all have things that we say but I don't know anyone who says them quite as much as Harper.  Nick was a little hard to like at times but he made me see that men have feelings over breakups, too.  Good book and a great introduction to a wonderful author!

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