Friday, July 24, 2009

"Having the Billionaire's Baby" by Sandra Hyatt

As I said in my profile, I am an avid reader of the Silouette Desire line and have been for years. A friend once asked my what it was that I liked about them. See, she was a die-hard fan of the Harlequin Romance line and so she was curious as to what I found to be more exciting in the Desire line. For me, it's the pace. You tend to jump right in to the story, there's conflict, there's heat, there's romance, I mean to me, it has it all.

This month's title "Having the Billionaire's Baby" by Sandra Hyatt seems to be following the trend of late with the unplanned pregnancy plot. To me these are always predictable and yet always enjoyable. In this story, Callie Jamieson spends the night with a handsome man (aren't they always?) she meets at a wedding and then finds out the next morning that he is actually a new client of her PR firm! So naturally, what does one do in this case? She leaves. But that could not possibly be the end of their story, right?

Billionaire Nick Brunicadi finds her again a month later quite by accident and really barrels his way in to her life. Callie plays hard to get for a long time in this story and there is an annoying sub-plot going on that deals with Nick's sister and Callie's ex that had my just wanting to remove them from the story. They are important to the story but the sister in particular just annoyed me.

This was a good story. Sandra Hyatt has a way of getting on with the story and keeping it going so that you want to turn the page and see what happens. I look forward to seeing if she has any other books available.

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