Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"White Hot" by Sandra Brown

Let me start by saying that I am a HUGE fan of Sandra Brown. I have been reading her books for years. Although, if I can be totally honest, I kind of liked her true romance books of her earlier years better.

"White Hot" is really a thriller/mystery with a romantic story thrown in - and really, it is in my opinion, a sub-sub-plot. But even at that level, because of my love of Sandra Brown, I still categorize it in with contemporary romance. The story goes that Sayre Lynch goes home to her Louisiana town for the funeral of her younger brother. She has had nothing to do with her family in years - her family consisting of a tyrannical father and a self-absorbed older brother and her now deceased younger brother. Her brother's death was ruled a suicide and Sayre feels guilt because he had tried to call her only days earlier and she had refused his calls. Now to ease her guilt a bit, she goes home for the funeral with the sole intent of going there, paying her respects and leaving immediately.

Things don't go as planned.

As it turns out, the suicide story is not believable to the newest member of law enforcement in town and that pique's Sayre's curiosity. Add to that, Beck Merchant - the new lawyer working for her father -
and Sayre finds herself unable to leave until she has everything worked out: how her brother truly died and making her father pay for all of the corruption he has brought about in his life and his family's.

This is a page turner from beginning to end. Sayre and Beck's relationship really is secondary to the suicide and corruption stories but whenever they are on a page together ...WHEW! "White Hot" is yet another great Sandra Brown book and was written in 2004. If you see it on the library shelf and are looking for a good read, this fits the bill.

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