Sunday, May 15, 2011

"At His Majesty's Convenience" by Jennifer Lewis

I fell in love with Jennifer Lewis' books for the Desire line many, many years ago with her Wild in the...series.  Her latest, "At His Majesty's Convenience" is out for the Harlequin Desire June 2011 series.

Andi Blake has quit her job as personal assistant to King Jake Mondragon.  It isn't that she doesn't love her job, it's that she loves HIM!  Knowing that he must choose a bride soon, Andi decides that in order to save her sanity and protect her heart, she must leave his tiny country and return to the states and start her life over.

But fate had something else in mind...

On the night before her departure, not long after handing in her resignation, the King finds Andi dancing in the grass late at night with no memory of who she is!  Knowing that he didn't want Andi to leave and feeling the pressure of choosing a suitable bride, Jake does what he thinks is best for everyone:  he convinces Andi that she is his fiancee!

It doesn't take long for Andi's memory to come back but not before she spends the night in the king's arms and that makes for more problems once she remembers who she is!  Unwilling to trust Jake and even more unwilling to continue with the charade and marry him under false pretenses, Andi agrees to get through a big Independence Day celebration with Jake as his bride-to-be.  Jake decides that it is all the time he'll need to convince Andi to see his side of things and get her to agree to stay.

Andi wants a marriage based on love.  Jake needs a marriage to keep a promise to his country.  In the end, whose happy ending will prevail?

Jennifer Lewis tells a great story with strong minded characters that interact beautifully.  Her heroine's have a backbone and stand up for themselves and that makes them a pleasure to read about.  Add "At His Majesty's Convenience" to your Desire reads.  You'll enjoy it.

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