Monday, May 16, 2011

"Her Little Secret, His Hidden Heir" by Heidi Betts

New from Harlequin Desire for June of 2011, "Her Little Secret, His Hidden Heir" by Heidi Betts is part of the Billionaires and Babies series.  Though all of the books in the series seem to tell the same story, they each manage just enough individuality that make them enjoyable reads.

Vanessa Mason needs to expand her bakery business and enlists the help of a local banker to help find her an investor.  Imagine her surprise when her ex-husband, Marcus Keller shows up!  As if seeing Marcus after being divorced for a year wasn't bad enough, Vanessa panics over keeping the infant son she bore him a secret.

At the time of their divorce when Vanessa found out she was pregnant, she did the right thing and contacted Marcus; his assistant, however, instructed her that Marcus had nothing to say to her and to not call again.  Heart broken and devastated, Vanessa leaves town and starts her life over, including opening a bakery with her aunt.  

Millionaire Marcus never got over Vanessa and after spending time with her again, AND their son, he realizes that maybe he was more to blame than he thought in the breakup of their marriage.  But when he tries his hardest to put his life back exactly where he wants it and on his terms, he sees the truth and has to let go of his anger towards Vanessa.

A great story, easy to read.  Heidi Betts is wonderful in this genre and I enjoy just about everything she writes.  This is a perfect fit for the Desire line and the Billionaires and Babies.

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