Monday, May 2, 2011

"One Night With Prince Charming" by Anna DePalo

This title is from Desire's March 2011 series of stories and is the second book in an un-named trilogy.  

"One Night with Prince Charming" is the story of wedding planner Pia coming face-to-face with the gorgeous man who took her virginity and then disappeared several years earlier, James "Hawk" Fielding.

The story is very enjoyable and well written in the fact that it allows a reasonable amount of time to pass between scenes where our "hero" and "heroine" interact with each other and so it makes their coming together seem a bit more believable.  In some Desire stories, the relationships happen so quickly, with such intensity that the reasonable part of your brain is like "This relationship will never last".  Not so, here.

Pia and James keep running in to one another thanks to Pia's job as a wedding planner.  After the first disastrous wedding that they were both at, James sort of takes pity on Pia because he knows that the event (the bride's first husband showed up stating that he and the bride were still married!) put a black mark on Pia's reputation.  So he does what we hope every knight in shining armor would do - he helps her get other weddings to do.  This, of course, means that they will keep running in to one another.

James (Hawk) is not ready to settle down even though his family is pressuring him to - but to someone of their caliber - after all, he is a Duke; something he forgot to mention to Pia some three years earlier.  Realizing that he still is attracted to Pia and that the feeling seems to me mutual, James tries hard to resist the pull of attraction since he knows it can't lead to anything and clearly Pia is the type of girl looking for marriage.

But of course the best laid plans and so on and so forth go flying out the window and just when they are beginning to see where this relationship can go, Hawk's family intrudes with the woman who they think is perfect wife material to him right in front of Pia!  They are clueless to the relationship between the two because Pia is more or less the hired help!  

Heartbroken, Pia ends their relationship but it doesn't take long for Hawk to realize that the heart wants what it wants and goes after her.  Truly a quality man and his actions are completely believable and not at all cheesy.

Well written, Ms. DePalo.  Another great title by you!

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