Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"King's Million-Dollar Secret" by Maureen Child

This is the very latest from the Desire line for May 2011 by Maureen Child and let me just say - LOVED it!

The "Kings of California" series has been fabulous and while I have to admit to being particular to one of the firsts ("Bargaining for King's Baby" - Adam King) this one ran a close second.  In "King's Million-Dollar Secret" we meet Rafe King, a member of the wealthy King family but a rather brooding recluse.  He works in the family construction business but after a failed marriage, he tends to keep to himself.  Aren't we all just a wee-bit of a sucker for that kind of man?

Rafe loses a bet with a friend and ends up having to work a job as an ordinary carpenter.  It's not such a stretch being that Rafe is in the construction business so the plot is completely believable.  His first day on the job finds him helping out on a kitchen renovation for adorable Katie Charles, an up and coming cooking baking entrepreneur.  

Sparks fly immediately and while Rafe isn't looking to get involved with anyone, as soon as he finds out that Katie really despises all-things-King, he is intrigued.  He keeps his identity a secret (think Undercover Boss) and decides to get Katie to really get to know him, and like him, before revealing that he is actually one of the California King's.  

Katie has been burned by one member of the King clan and if she had any idea that Rafe was one of them, she would have thrown him out of her home!  But not having a clue as to who he is, she has a hard time fighting the attraction they share but after one sexy night, she lets Rafe go.  It's not because she suspects that he is a King, but because she fears that she likes him way too much and she doesn't trust her own instincts any more after her disastrous relationship with Rafe's cousin.

Rafe, however, is not one to be turned down.  He isn't quite sure why it's so important that Katie continue to see him, but he knows that he isn't ready for their time together to end.  

But like all lies and deceit, his blow up in his face and Katie is devastated by a King yet again.  In the end Rafe has to decide if breaking Katie's heart is something he can live with or if he is willing to take a chance and leave his lonely existence behind.

GREAT story!  I absolutely loved Rafe and Katie was just a spunky woman who you felt like you could be friends with.  I blazed through this book in about two hours and was disappointed when it ended!  "King's Million Dollar Secret" is a great addition to the "Kings of California" series.  Thank you, Maureen, for a great read!

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